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FPS Creator X10 / how do i change fpscx10 into fpscx9 is it legal if so where do i download it

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Joined: 4th Jan 2013
Location: Washington near Seattle
Posted: 14th Jan 2013 01:24
Hey i have a windows 7 laptop computer and 160 GB free space and i was wondering if it was possible to get the fpsx10 turned into x9 i bought my x10 7 years ago and never really used it until now i am also trying to get my own entities and segments in fps creator and was wondering if changing to x9 will make this possible as i haven't found a way with x10 yet

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Joined: 30th Jul 2011
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Posted: 14th Jan 2013 02:26
you can use your x10 serial on x9, and im pretty sure its legal.
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Le Shorte
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Joined: 6th Apr 2009
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Posted: 15th Jan 2013 00:28
What kingofmk98 said, and yes it's perfectly legal.

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Joined: 22nd Jul 2006
Posted: 15th Jan 2013 01:01
Quote: " i bought my x10 7 years ago "

Thats pretty good going being x10 not even that old but yes it legal to use your x10 key with x9.

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