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FPS Creator X10 / Lightning glitch?

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Joined: 27th Mar 2013
Posted: 27th Mar 2013 10:12 Edited at: 31st Mar 2013 13:50
What do I do? You can see in the image I added that the ceiling is all messed up. You can also see that in the distance the walls like start disappearing or something. I am not sure what to do.


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Joined: 30th Jul 2011
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Posted: 18th Apr 2013 02:30
hmmm so many new users with x10.....i wonder why
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Joined: 3rd Jun 2009
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Posted: 8th May 2013 21:07

Hmm... you have brought up an interesting point. But it could be the possibility that it's just a legitimate user who's only recently decided to enter this awesome forum.

In regards to the problem though, I had a similar situation myself, but it also happened with entities in the distance. I have no idea how I fixed it though. It's been so long since I've used X10.

Have you installed the latest update?

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