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DLL Talk / styx reading XML file created by Tiled

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Posted: 18th Apr 2013 19:26

I've been playing around with Styx XML commands and I can understand how to read a straight forward XML file like:

My problem is i don't seem to be able to get information out of the attached xml file. It has the tmx extension but reads like xml.

How do I get the stuff like width, height , tilewidth, source etc?

In <layer> how do i access name, width and height?

Many thanks



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Posted: 3rd May 2013 06:41
I'm not familiar with the syntax of Styx, but what you're trying to access are what's called the node's "attributes". If you look through the styx help file, see if you can find any commands for access attributes.

However, as an alternative:

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