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Windows / Fresh Tier 2 Windows Install

AGK Developer
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Joined: 16th Dec 2009
Location: Swampstone
Posted: 21st Apr 2013 21:22
I just purchased AGK. I plan on doing to do a fresh install of windows, visual c++ express, and AppGameKit on my computer.

The instructions I found list that you need:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 or higher
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

Is windows 8 supported? Will I need to install a DirectX SDK? Is the express editions of Visual C++ supported?
Ancient Lady
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Posted: 21st Apr 2013 22:40
Windows 8 is not explicitly supported. But AppGameKit appears to work on it reasonably well.

I would highly recommend using VS2010 Express (not the 2008 version).

Yes, you will need to install the DirectX SDK and VS Express is supported by it. This page has a link to where to get the correct DirectX SDK. And it also has some things about customizing the template. I have not uploaded v10811 templates to that page because they pretty much work out of the box.

Ancient Lady
AGK Community Tester and AppGameKit Master

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