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FPSC Classic Showcase / First Game Horror [ The Mystery ] Episode 1

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Joined: 30th Aug 2012
Posted: 4th May 2013 14:11 Edited at: 4th May 2013 14:21

welcome my first thread in this section

First of all i want to thanks all of you how supporting me for scripts and modelings....really thanks.... to make our first simple horror game of Arab.

The Mystery[center]
[center]Episode 1

Story :

Our player his name is Adel , he heard from his friends that there is An abandoned hospital before 30 years ago and they said that there are people entered and could not get out

Our friend just came curiosity, he went to the hospital mysterious, after entering he felt Suddenly headache strong until fainted, and after a while he woke up from his place and felt that there is a powerful Air and heavy he can not breathe, after that he try to get out but he couldn't, it's time to explore

what i Feel after i release my game?
really i'm so happy cuz all my fans like this game and everyone happy that our game is Arabic full game so i'm so happy , i never thought they will like it , but finally ( hard work + support my dear TGS STUFF = my game will be awesome

this Episode 1 is an Arabic released , and don't worry i will translate to English, you know this will take more hard work to make translate with script ( etiemer - with freeze player ) don't worry i will try as i can, or maybe if anyone here support me to make script timer for cut scene , and i will put translate English?

so here the video who they like play it and reaction
i'm know that all of you don't understand arabic , but when you see them face you will understand what they fell it

if doesn't work here is link

English Release :

i need someone help me to create script for cutscene , i know how to do , but need support cuz not wasting time , so please if anyone who help me i will be happy and i will put his name in our credits

I released Two Episodes and after week i will release finale Episode

thanks for your time to read this , and need more support as Always thanks
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Joined: 30th Oct 2012
Location: United States
Posted: 10th May 2013 06:33
This looks great! I would love to play this.
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Joined: 12th Feb 2013
Posted: 14th Jun 2013 12:14
Look so good and pretty erie man.I cannot wait to play this game Abdulhh.Keep up a good work.

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Joined: 3rd Nov 2010
Posted: 16th Jun 2013 10:49
For scripting support go in the script forum. There we can help you.
I know that Corno has a lot of translations. If you find one sent me a mail

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