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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Custom shadders, light glow, shaddows and faint reflections. 4 seperate problems.

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Joined: 31st May 2013
Posted: 3rd Jun 2013 02:04
Hi there. I'm wondering if the more savvy among you can help me out with working samples I can learn more from than just the basic ones or at least link a better resource base from which I can learn to duplicate the precise effects i'm looking for. I have years of experience in home brew programing, 2d graphics and advanced audio work but i'm a total utter noob when it comes to working with shadders for example and until recently, I knew nothing of 3d graphic design although i'm learning very fast.

Here's what I'm trying to learn how to do any way. Its probably easier to explain it like the following.

Problem 1:
I have a rectangular panel. A box object that's only 1 deep and has been orientated so its facing towards me. Fully textured with a lot of detail. I have a light that's currently shining directly towards that panel. I want that panel to simulate a textured piece of glass. I would like to see glow and a slight degree of reflection and flare from the light that moves around on the glass panel as the camera pan's up and down. I would like to simulate this using shadders as opposed to using 2d trickery or particle effects. Is that possible?

Problem 2:
Said piece of "glass" has a large transparent area with 3d objects visible behind it. I would like that piece of glass to cast a faint slight shadow across the boarder areas the objects behind it.

Problem 3:
Said piece of "glass" is supposed to have backlit areas on it that light up. That I believe I know how to do from working with 2d (create other rectangular objects on the glass that I alternate the texture combined with ghosting to simulate an alternating light) however I would like to generate a glow or hallow around these lights when there lit up and would prefer to use shadders to do so as opposed to 2d trickery.

Problem 4:
Also i'm looking to find out if there's any known method for incorporating, for example, the fxaa injector files out there in to a working program. Currently adding the files to the project folder causes the program to fail to load and there is clearly a compatibility conflict. If possible though, I would like to incorporate the sharpen and fxaa functions to my current project to enhance the detail on the textures and anti alias it without huge power draw.

Apologies in advance. I know the things i'm asking help for arn't simple problems but if anyone can help me to understand how to do even just some of this, I would be extremely grateful.

James H
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Posted: 13th Jun 2013 02:30
Quote: "i'm looking to find out if there's any known method for incorporating, for example, the fxaa injector files out there in to a working program"

I made a response in your other thread to this - I beleive you will have to rewrite the includes and set the settings either in the shader files and/or in dbp
With regards to what your asking in the rest of your post here its quite advanced stuff. Your better off posting this sort of stuff in the Learning to write shaders thread stickied in the dbpro board rather than newcomers, that said I don`t think anyone will just do this for you and you may have to get to grips with it yourself, there are many examples on this forum of different shaders, you just have to use the search feature situated at the bottom of this page to find them. In addition to this, once you have got to grips with shader basics in dbp evolveds site has some superb examples for the more advanced stuff
Chris Tate
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Posted: 24th Jun 2013 02:40 Edited at: 24th Jun 2013 02:41
Good luck finding help. All I can say is download many shader sample files, take the time to read through them and play around with them. Shader programming of such detail is a programming project in its own right.

The HLSL language is quite similar to C, and there are a number of examples available in the forums and accross the internet.

What you are trying to achieve is not something simple that can be posted on a forum like this in a few paragraphs; I see you needing at least 2 shaders to get that to work.

There is a lot of work involved to produce such a result effectively. You'd need to apply transparency in the shader, use a semi transparent texture or literal colour and make use of shadow mapping which is likely to require an additional shader. How you achieve the glow is down to preference, personally I'd take the easy route and use a dedicated bloom camera that picks up the objects set to glow and use down sampled highlights (blurred highlights); any real 3D glow would require vertex duplication to extrude shiney streaks outward from the object; but that can be laggy.

All in all, no walk through the park. Even if you found a ready made sample, or if someone posts you it up on a silver platter or perhaps one of Evolveds shaders cracks it; it is hard to find something that fits all engines; precise to what you desire; and you sound like you are after a specific result.

Good luck.

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