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Android / Older versions of AGK

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Joined: 15th Oct 2006
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Posted: 21st Jun 2013 21:22 Edited at: 21st Jun 2013 21:24
Where can I get hold of older versions of AppGameKit? I have just done a fresh system install and move straight to a clean install of beta 13 and I'm experiencing low frame rates in my tier 2 project(From 1000fps with a a couple hundred enemies on screen to 200 fps with 50 enemies on screen).

Id like to install beta 11 and 12 to confirm whether or not this is down to upgrading AppGameKit or moving back to windows 7, or something else.

Edit: Uhm, this was meant to go in the AppGameKit Product Chat section:/
Ancient Lady
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Posted: 21st Jun 2013 21:48
Your 'My Products' TGC page will let you get v1065, v1076 and v10813.

Other than that, if you didn't save the downloads for other versions, you have to rely on someone posting it somewhere.

Windows 7 - gooood
Windows 8 - baaaad

I don't know if the Windows version is the issue. But it certainly won't be helping.

Ancient Lady
AGK Community Tester and AppGameKit Master

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