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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Writing a Visual Novel Game

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Joined: 11th Aug 2010
Posted: 23rd Jun 2013 04:44
I am planning to write a Visual Novel Game Dating Sim, does anyone know of a way to program or addseparate screen layers in Dark Basic Pro, I would need to create 4 or 5 screen layer.

The 1st screem layer would show background image (The background image will be a location in the visual novel and will change to different locations as the story progresses).

The 2nd acreen layer would show the character images (The character images are the characters which the player can interact with in the visual novel and would only appear when the plater character interaction or character event happens).

The 3rd screen layer would display the text of the visual novel as the story progresses.

The 4th screen layer would have different options buttons to allow the player to make a choice in the visual novel.

The 5th screen layer would display the Hud of the visual novel and the menu controls.

any help with this will be appreciated.
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Posted: 23rd Jun 2013 16:55
You can use SPRITE and/or PASTE IMAGE to achieve this (look up the help files for how to use). Colour the areas you want transparent in rgb(0,0,0).

Bookmark this page: there are lots of helpful tutorials and one about menus that you'll need for this. (I think it's #16 or there abouts)

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