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Windows / Applying High Impulse/Force to a sprite

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Joined: 26th Apr 2013
Posted: 15th Jul 2013 15:10
I am making a pool kind of game. I couldn't apply high force or impulse to the cue ball with high velocity.


I am applying force on OnMouseClick event

I have tried "force" with high value like 100000 still the sprite moves in same velocity as it was moving with 100.

Correct me if I made any mistake

Ancient Lady
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Posted: 15th Jul 2013 20:52
You might want to use SetSpritePhysicsImpulse or SetSpritePhysicsVelocity instead of SetSpritePhysicsForce.

SetSpritePhysicsForce only applies for one sync cycle and then the sprite drops back to what it was before. It does not build up and a higher value is not apparent over one frame.

Look at the descriptions for the other two.

Your sprite movement is also affected by the restitution, friction and damping (SetSpritePhysics<x>, where <x> is each of these things).

Ancient Lady
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Posted: 29th Jul 2013 09:56
is the ball moving when you hit it?
if it isn't, then you can get more/simpler control over it by using SetSpritePhysicsVelocityX(id) and SetSpritePhysicsVelocityY(id)

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