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Windows / How to use VS C++ with AGK engine

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Joined: 2nd Aug 2013
Posted: 2nd Aug 2013 06:41
Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie in game programming.I've used VS C++ for 5 years. I've heard that AppGameKit engine supports programming in C++. So, I decided to install AppGameKit engine in my computer. I try to execute some tutorials in the folder "Native" by using VS C++ but it always have the errors. I've searched on Internet but I didn't find a solution.How can I use VS C++ with installed AppGameKit engine? Could any body give me an advice or a guide about this problem?


P/S: Sorry for my bad English.
Ancient Lady
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Posted: 2nd Aug 2013 18:52
The examples in the Native folder are NOT up to date with the correct AppGameKit core files.

If you installed v10816, the windows templates (one for VS Express 2008 and the other for VS Express 2010) work.

If you open up the template appropriate to your VS installation and then one of the examples, you can copy the core AppGameKit file (Core.cpp) from one to the other. Then compare the project properties.

If you are using VS 2010, make sure that the linker paths for both the Debug and Release modes point to the VS2010 directories. The Example projects probably point to the VS 2008 ones.

Ancient Lady
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