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FPS Creator X10 / Bad graphics for my FPS creator game (Pixelated edges) (Help, please)

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Joined: 8th Aug 2013
Posted: 8th Aug 2013 21:53
Well anyways I just got FPS Creator x9 a few weeks ago. At first I saw some videos of FPS Creator and they had amazing graphics, but when I tested my game I got pixelated edges and horrible graphics. I currently run on Windows 7 and I really want my game to have good graphics, I like FPS Creator. Best program for a FPS I tried, but I don't want to waste 50$ on Ugly graphics. Can someone help me solve this problom. (Btw, I went to preformances and put it on max quality and texture, still bad graphics). Thanks, hope someone can help.
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Posted: 9th Aug 2013 01:07 Edited at: 9th Aug 2013 01:07
Im not sure how bad graphis your talking about so posting a picture will help, but making graphics look as good as the onse you saw require good lighting, shaders, High ressalution textures and good models.

lighting is fairly simple. With the right placement of lights, right color, and right brightness this can make your game so much better in terms of graphics and imersion.

Shaders is more complex and i don't even fully have a grasp so i will skip this and let someone else tell you about that.

For high resolution textures you can download, and/or make your own high resolution texture and apply it to the model.

With models the easiest way is to but a model pack. or make your own models. for model packs i recomand
I got them all together with a bundle that to my knowlage is no longer avaliable and i dont regreat it, but of course it also depends on the typs of games you are making.
here is a list of model packs

Hope this helps.

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Joined: 29th May 2012
Posted: 9th Aug 2013 10:16
To get rid of the pixelated edges you have to open setup.ini and in [GAME DEBUG] you have to change your width and height to your screen resolution.You have to open setup.ini before opening FPS Creator.You must click test game and go to setup.ini using alt+tab and keep pressing ctrl+s continuously for a few seconds.Remember to do this every time you test your game.
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Posted: 13th Aug 2013 05:11
Also, these may help you achieve better graphics.
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