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Android / AutoComplete issue Eclipse

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Joined: 6th Dec 2011
Posted: 31st Aug 2013 03:36
I working on a project for the Android. I'm working on with AppGameKit V. 108.16. Im in Tier 2. I got the template from AGK/IDE/apps/template_android.

I'm trying to figure out to to add the Autocomplete option for agk functions in eclipse. It works fine for me in Visual studio and Xcode but not for Eclipse. anyone have issues with this?
Ancient Lady
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Posted: 31st Aug 2013 04:31
Eclipse doesn't know anything about the AppGameKit commands. I know someone has done things for command information for other editors. I just can't remember the name, right now. If you can find out how to add commands to Eclipse for syntax, then maybe we can figure out how to add for AppGameKit (once I remember the systems others have done it for).

Ancient Lady
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Joined: 7th Dec 2008
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Posted: 23rd Dec 2013 00:57
We are using the autocomplete.
When you add the path of the AppGameKit lib in the PATH/SYMBOLS section all will be fine.

Use agk:: press ctrl + space

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