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FPSC Classic Showcase / [X9] Free Will (A Stanley Parable Fan Game)

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Joined: 2nd Nov 2009
Location: Chicago
Posted: 1st Dec 2013 23:21 Edited at: 1st Dec 2013 23:56
Developer: Henry Kucab (BC2 Remake Developer)

Story: William notices everyone in his office is gone one day. An omniscient narrator guides you through the game. Monitors everywhere tell you to obey his commands, but as you approach your first "choice", a set of 2 doors, which path do you take? Do you listen to the narrator or not?

Description: If you've ever played "The Stanley Parable" then you're well aware of what to expect here. The beginning of my game is almost identical to the Stanley Parable (to pay tribute), but quickly becomes unique (no copyright infringement intended or anything like that, just tribute.) This isn't a game about graphics or shooting mechanics. This is a game about choice, or the illusion thereof.

The first level has 5 endings, and the 2nd level has 3. Be sure to reload the game and restart in order to find all the different endings!

Known Bugs:
Some clipping issues around
Flickering texture on top of staircase of level 1
Barrels already spawned in Power On room of level 2
Rare crash due to shaders (seems to have only happened on Vista)

Author Note:
I made this game for a school project. We had to pick a form of digital media and pay tribute to it. Needless to say I picked The Stanley Parable. Also, my BC2 Remake may have finally bit the bullet. No official word for sure yet. I have original ideas I want to pursue after my experience w/ the BC2 remake.

-Winner of the X10 Revival Competition, Susysyay
"I'm havin' too good a time today, I ain't even thinkin' bout tomorrow."
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Joined: 25th Nov 2008
Posted: 13th Dec 2013 16:57
no post here ... ok i will be the first ;

i dont know what is stanley's parable and i search it on google. its truly interesting and funny

i will download your game and test it but the idea to it on FPSC is good !

thanks a lot
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Joined: 2nd Nov 2009
Location: Chicago
Posted: 15th Dec 2013 05:15

Thanks, I look forward to your feedback

-Winner of the X10 Revival Competition, Susysyay
"I'm havin' too good a time today, I ain't even thinkin' bout tomorrow."
The Tall Man
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Joined: 16th Nov 2013
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Posted: 16th Dec 2013 04:47 Edited at: 17th Dec 2013 04:08
Very entertaining! I thought the name of your game was ingenious... and the voice was great - funny and sinister I hope you got an A!

One minor thing - I thought the second voice where William stepped outside and realized all of his co-workers were gone - came a little late. I felt it was describing the empty room just outside his office, but that was spoken about after he was nearly out of that outside room.

As with all FPS Creator games the loading was slow, as was the frame-rate, as well as a few texture glitches - again all typical with FPSC. But it did better frame-rate-wise than most FPSC games I've played.

The lighting didn't look too real; what I liked about it though is the game had a more bright look to it, it wasn't so dark and grungy which has been way overdone to death. And the segment editor showed through in that the ceiling used the same texture as the floor. I don't know why so many of those segments repeat the floor for the ceiling. Some do, but it seems that most do not. A drop-ceiling texture would go really well with that floor and walls you chose. I liked your outside sceneries - I wanted to go exploring a bit, but I couldn't (walls).

I also found an invisible hole in the floor just before the door before the [basement ending] - there's an open gray box on the wall, if you walk toward it just before the door to the left, you fall through the floor and below the map to the red death of FPS Creator

And the 5 endings on level 1... don't you mean there are 4, but 2 ways to get to one? Or is that hole in the floor below the universe one of them?

I'd never heard of The Stanley Parable either. I checked out some play-throughs on youtube. Pretty neat game! I definitely noticed the smaller-scale recreation.

It would be cool if you expanded the game and added more of your unique flare to it (the uniqueness you already added was great!) - so that it stands even more apart from The Stanley Parable. I don't know if FPS Creator will let you do this, but you could add some randomness to what/when the voice is saying, to make each game unique, and thus likewise different paths would lead to different results in different games. In different games, some doors would be open, while others locked off, etc. Those are just some ideas.

Question though - some of the endings left you there, while others respawned the player. Is that right?

I've realized that one of the endings I was thinking of for level 1 was actually a level 2 ending. So I only count 3 from level 1, unless you count the one where there's 2 ways to get to it, and the invisible hole in the floor.

I managed to get on top of one of the outdoor walls and peek over the trees. You built a huge landscape out there! No one would ever see it normally playing the game - love that realism!

I also managed to get into the rooms in the basement with the sealed doors.

It would be neat if it would be possible to survive the 2nd level shootout - forcing the voice to be wrong! (as opposed to William just choosing a different way).

Another tip - You used all static objects, it'd be more realistic if you made them (or several of them) dynamic. Like chairs that would move, or vending machines that would vend, etc.
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Joined: 4th Sep 2003
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Posted: 22nd Dec 2013 11:27
Great to see this type of game attempted in FPSC. Well done!

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