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FPS Creator X10 / Help a newbie out plz ^^, How can I create objectives/missions for a level and Text Pop-ups ?

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Joined: 9th Jan 2014
Posted: 9th Jan 2014 21:00

I'm working a "Build a level" project ^^ in FPSC x10, and i need help.

I have few variables that i didn't figured out by now , in my past week of filed research on the net about how to make a level , so here i go :

1) I don't know how to create an objective/mission for my level , is this function available or even possible in FPSC x10 ? If so how can i make it ?

Note: I'm not referring to the win are zone , I know that will be the end of the mission. I need something like to pop-up in the start of the level. For example "Objective :Rescue the prisoners" or "Reach X area" and if its possible for the quote to be displayed in the HUD. ( <- for this step i'm guessing i need some scripting editing QQ )

2)How can i make text pop-ups to prompt in certain areas, like for example the text that prompts when u need a key for a door.

.. at the moment this are my biggest concerns , if anyone can help me out I'll appreciate it...thx
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Posted: 3rd Feb 2014 16:15
I would recommend searching for the FPS Creator Community Guide. Its for FPS Creator x9, but most things can apply to X10. It will show you how to do a lot of things step by step. If you are first starting out with any version of FPS Creator then I would recommend it.

Also Make sure you go into you account and get the update for X10 or you will not beable to do much with it.

Take a look at that. I hope it helps.


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