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AppGameKit Chat / [STICKY] v2 Feature Requests

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Joined: 20th Nov 2017
Location: Yorkshire, England
Posted: 22nd May 2018 09:07
gerdich wrote: "
Memblocks will be calculated on CPU, I guess. Little devices don't offer enough performance."

You obviously havent tried you can easily get over 60fps on a mobile device even by editing memblocks. It make little difference to speed as a sprite will always be 2 triangles and 4 vertices in either case.

gerdich wrote: "
The shader doesn't seem the best place to me. My requested feature is more about the vertices.

?? You can replace the sprite vertex shader. (The one that effects your vertices) The stock one is listed in the documentation so you can change it to make your 4 vertices be ANYWHERE you want.

But...ok....lets see if the generalised sprite creator gets made instead.

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