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Windows / Bug in Windows AGK Tier 1 - v1.08.24 Using Message & Keyboard (GetRawKeyState)

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Joined: 14th Nov 2012
Location: Amsterdam
Posted: 12th Nov 2014 19:24 Edited at: 12th Nov 2014 19:25
I want to report a bug in the software based on below code. (totally simplyfied)

Basically the bug is this: Hold cursor right (or any key) and then throw a message(). Upon closure of the message the state is still on, even though you have released the key.
It does not process the release of the key, since message interrupts all flow (I assume).

Here is example code that gives the error with full instructions on how to reproduce the error.

Thanks for a great tool, so please see this not as criticism, but an effort to help make it even better.

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Joined: 2nd Oct 2010
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Posted: 19th Nov 2014 11:27
It's a problem with the message box.
Message boxes tell the app that it was sent to the background which interrupts capture of key presses/releases

So instead of using the message() command do this:

done = 0
Print(" to dismiss")
if GetPointerPressed() = 1 then done = 1
until done = 1

you also need to set counter = 0 when counter = 50 otherwise it is going to get stuck in that conditional.

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