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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / How Do I Even -- use body parts art in animation?

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Joined: 10th Dec 2014
Posted: 21st Apr 2015 02:02
Please, help me be productive.

I'm trying to get a character to walk around, in a platformer. The physics are, so far, not terribly hard, thanks to AppGameKit physics commands. But when it comes to animating the character, eeeesh. I am just completely exhausted, figuring out stuff like how to make sure the location of the pivot point of the lower leg is updated appropriately when an upper leg rotates while walking. (So far I've got the lower limbs moving to the correct place by translation, but not rotating to the correct place. The code is a vast mess, but it's something, I guess.)

I know that if I ever do finish the code, I can reuse it for similar characters. But the same was true for physics -- I could have written code for applying force to move sprites around, etc. Without the AppGameKit physics commands, I'd be exhausted just trying to implement gravity properly, and with the AppGameKit physics commands, that's nearly effortless.

So, can anyone please describe a typical workflow for doing this type of character animation in AppGameKit Basic?

Do you write your own code for things like updating locations of extremities? What sort of data structure to you use to keep track and update? Am I reinventing wheels? Etc.

I am happy to use other software in combination, preferably free or cheap. Really I just want to know how the pros do this stuff without tearing their hair out.

It's mean time. *averages*
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Posted: 21st Apr 2015 10:41
I made a free animation kit for this kind of thing but it is a little clunky and not very easy to use. I stopped working on it since Spine support was added to AppGameKit V2. I supported the Spine Kickstarter so I got a pro license quite cheap but you can use the lite version relatively cheaply.

My tool (FREE): SpriteFX

Spine Trial Version: Spine

Spine Essential is only $69 now which is not too bad.

I started making a new version of SpriteFX but it got very little attention so I dumped the project.

Using AppGameKit V2 Tier 1

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