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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] L3V3L2 v2 - Tile Map Editor

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Posted: 23rd Apr 2015 19:39 Edited at: 23rd Apr 2015 19:47

I am upgrading my first tilemap editor, that was more of a test project,
to this.

The new L3V3L2 will be an easy to use Tile Map Editor for AGK2 projects, like platformer games. It will not be too advanced, since i am pretty new to AGK2 programming, but it has all the basic features for designing a 2d Tile Map, like For- & Background Layers, Collision Masks, Tile Snapping, Drawing, Rectangle Select and saving & loading of the Maps in an easy to work with Output File.

Once it is ready, i think i will release it as freeware, for other beginners can start working more easy on their games.

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Joined: 2nd Aug 2015
Posted: 4th Aug 2015 21:47
x3meblue, thank you for your hard work.
Could you clarify if you plan to release it for windows only or it will work on linux and mac too?

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