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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Creating a simple lasso to select sprites on screen II

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Posted: 11th May 2015 04:07 Edited at: 11th May 2015 18:01
This is an adaptation of the previous guide "Creating a simple lasso to
select sprites on screen." from thescenecommander [DEV].

To begin creating the lasso box you press the screen and without raising
your finger you move and extend the box; When you release the press all
the sprites inside the lasso box are choosen and their color is soften to
stand out them.

Once the lasso box is created, two command buttons are shown in the
bottom-right corner, you can press either of them (Move or Attack
buttons); The buttons commands are not really implemented but after you
press them you also must press again in some point of the screen where the
commands would take action (actually it only shows a cross in the screen
during three seconds).

You can cancel the commands buttons menu pressing in any empty part of
the screen but if you press any of the buttons you must choose a
coordinate where the cross will be painted and wait three seconds to be

The program is a little complicated because it uses several state
variables to remember where it is in his progression.

The only media resource used in this project is the image file
"item0.png" that you must copy from "\Projects\Sprites\SpriteAnim1\media"
to the media folder in your project.



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