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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Default Window Frame and Icon

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Joined: 22nd May 2015
Posted: 22nd May 2015 05:47
Hello All.

I just got AGK2 and am fiddling with sprites, screen settings and so forth and have quickly run into a couple questions:

1. How/Where do I change/remove the default window icon
2. How do I change/apply styles to the window itself ( IE borderless, resizeable, etc. )

To be clear, I'm *not* looking for copy-pasta help. I'd prefer a link to actual documentation.. ..there only seem to be "follow-along" type tutorials so far. I want old-school, boring, exhaustive documentation.

Any help appreciated.
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Joined: 6th Mar 2013
Location: Ireland
Posted: 22nd May 2015 15:57 Edited at: 22nd May 2015 15:58
Unfortunately you can't change these things within AppGameKit in Tier 1.

The most you can really do with AppGameKit is SetWindowTitle("TITLE")

I use IcoFX for icons. It's great for creating icons from an image. It'll sort out all the right sizes for a multi-res icon. You can change your game's icon within it too.

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