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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [Released] Vomit Dodge now on the Google Play Store

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Posted: 25th Jun 2015 11:40
Vomit Dodge is NOW available on the Google Play for Android devices!

It is pending review with Apple. I will announce when it's available for Apple and Desktop platforms.

It currently features 39 levels of fast paced vomit dodging fun, in game items and challenges, local leaderboards, free play mode and more!

The idea was to create a whacky game that health care professionals could chuckle at yet everyone could enjoy. As a paramedic by profession, dodging vomit because a well honed skill.

Version 1.1 is under way which will include levels 40-60, online leaderboards, in app purchases, and local multiplayer, along with new scenarios and patients. Expected for August 2015, available free to all existing customers.

I decided though that part of the proceeds, half the net to be exact, would be donated to charity (the Tema Conter Memorial) to aid in the on going battle of PTSD awareness for first responders in canada. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious condition that affects thousands of first responders, military and health care workers on a daily basis. Between December 2014 and April of this year, 23 first responders have committed suicide in Canada alone. There is a large stigma that PTSD shouldn't be talked about, or that if you suffer, then you aren't cut out for the career. Simply put, first responders deal with emotional tragedy, compassion fatigue etc, multiple times a day. Imagine your reaction to seeing gruesome deaths, serious traumas, dead children. This alone is enough to scar anyone for life, and first responders deal with this every day. I attended three suicides in one week, and while it doesn't sound like a high number, that's a lot of emotional burden to carry.

Robert Janes (Samu Games)

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