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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Multiplayer server for tier 1

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Joined: 12th Jul 2013
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Posted: 3rd Jul 2015 18:50

So I love programming in basic (forgive me), and i created a fairly basic client server setup which worked fine...until...(im sure you've seen this before).. i moved the code to my hosted windows server (which I can only access and use using vnc/rdp, and which doesnt have opengl as its a virtual server.

So a couple of questions

1) can i use agk 2 at all on the virtual windows 2012 server to write server side code, even if just for no graphics etc, just text (basically a server console type thing)
2) if not, what does everyone else do? (I'd like a solution in basic if i can, cos this old dog is not willing to learn too many new tricks)

Many thanks for your patience for reading, and thanks in advance for those that take the time to offer advice etc

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Joined: 4th Apr 2003
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Posted: 5th Jul 2015 13:51
It would probably be more efficient to use something like this framework. It is written in C#, but it's not a million miles away from basic. Plus, it's already written for you and will work with the free Express version of C#.

The reason I say this is more efficient is that as soon as you start AppGameKit, you have the footprint of the graphics engine, whether you need it or not. The C# solution could be run as a console application or even as a service, making it even more lean.

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