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Geek Culture / Play 7 Days To Die? Come join my server! :)

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Joined: 12th Jan 2015
Posted: 9th Jul 2015 23:50

Just thought I'd throw you guys an invite to a 7 Days to Die server myself and my friends run. 48 slots PVP UK based, and well admin'd. The more the merrier.

Got a bunch of features including mapping, anti hacker and voting rewards etc. full server info and server map can be found at

The Server Address is: port 26900

theres also mumble (which is the northern-lan mumble server) too.
Feel free to come on as individuals or as a party

Chris Tate
DBPro Master
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Joined: 29th Aug 2008
Location: London, England
Posted: 10th Jul 2015 19:01
I will not be playing, but I must say that this is an impressive game I have been following on YouTube for a number of months. Enjoy!

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Joined: 3rd May 2004
Location: The not very United Kingdom
Posted: 13th Jul 2015 19:37
This is a brilliant game which has already delivered a lot and still has a tonne of potential.

If I get back into it soon I will give your server a go.

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