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Geek Culture / My 3D Printed Togepi Animatronic

The crazy
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Posted: 10th Jul 2015 01:42 Edited at: 10th Jul 2015 01:44
This isn't DB but seeing as this is where I started my learning of programming I wanted to post my new project here. This is just the intro video. I'll be doing four more detailing other aspects such as design/3d printing, molding the head, the maya exporter I wrote for arduino, and general mistakes/pitfalls.

It was designed in maya and 3d printed. The head was sculpted in clay, molded and then cast in silicone. It's controlled via bluetooth through an arduino uno. It was animated by creating an identical rig in maya and some python code to export the animation into data the arduino could use.
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Posted: 10th Jul 2015 16:32
Sweet, not that I am a fan of Pokémon but sweet work!

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