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Geek Culture / About to become Homeless, but surely there are some interesting opportunities about?

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Joined: 2nd Dec 2005
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Posted: 17th Jul 2015 21:00
Hi guys, as you read, I'm about to become homeless. Due to poor health for too long and not being able to work I'm out by the end of the month, of which by that time I'll be healthy again (just too late to do anything). But instead of struggling to find a new place (which I can't afford), get help from friends or go into shelter until I can work again (have to find a new job too), I was thinking... there must be interesting opportunities which I could take advantage of.

For instance, live in working careers or travel working or something more interesting. My friend got a job as a helper for some group that travel Europe doing urban exploring. Where the hell did he find that advertisement is my question. But living on the road, or working between places with accommodation sounds quite interesting to me.

Has anyone had any experience in this or have advice in this area?

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Posted: 17th Jul 2015 21:43
could work on cruise ships

Yodaman Jer
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Posted: 17th Jul 2015 22:11
Honestly, if you're looking for on the road work (or at least interesting opportunities), check and see if there's any Renaissance Faires located around your area. I'm not sure how many there might be in the UK (or even if there are?), but here in the states they've proven to be an interesting experience!

I worked at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, Wisconsin for years, and many people who also worked there worked "the Ren Faire Circuit", which is to say they literally traveled around month to month to all of the different faires in the USA.

But if performing isn't your thing, I would go with Ortu's suggestion and see if you can't work on a ship of some kind.

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Posted: 18th Jul 2015 03:43
That NGO stuff looks fun...

Been homeless a long time ago too, very short 3 month'ish period but still... it teaches you a lot! Good Luck!

Green Gandalf
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Posted: 19th Jul 2015 13:20 Edited at: 19th Jul 2015 13:21
Is this any good to you?

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Posted: 20th Jul 2015 16:37
I can't think of anything that you'd be able to start within the month. But there's programs then send you overseas (well, overseas to me) to tech english in foreign countries. I've had a few friends do that.

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