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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Where do I get the free AGK ebook?

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Joined: 20th Jul 2015
Posted: 20th Jul 2015 22:48
Hello, I got AppGameKit recently through Humble Bundle that a friend gifted to me, started to watch the tutorial videos published by Daniel Foreman and he talks of a book which is free for anyone that purchase AGK.
Since neither I or my friend purchased AppGameKit through the website or any retailer, I wonder if I still own the right to own the PDF version of that book. If that is a restriction for people that get AppGameKit from Steam or Humble Bundle, is there an alternative to that book?

Thanks in advance!

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Joined: 28th Apr 2013
Location: U.K.
Posted: 21st Jul 2015 07:54
You can download a free copy of the first 8 chapters (over 200 pages) of Hands On AGK2 BASIC from The file is in PDF format.

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