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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Can't run a program

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Joined: 30th Jul 2015
Posted: 30th Jul 2015 05:57
Dear AppGameKit friend,

My name is sam. I just recently bought agk 2. I installed fine. I tried to open a sample project, compiled it fine. However, when I tried to run it, it popped up an error message like below.

\"Failed to run project locally, program not found.\"

I am so new to this. If you don\'t mind, can you please tell me what is going on here? I really appreciate of your big help.

Best Regards,

Samphos Pot
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Joined: 4th Apr 2003
Location: Gods own County, UK
Posted: 30th Jul 2015 13:25

Are you logged on as an administrator, you need admin rights to compile and run programs.

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