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Geek Culture / Back at my furniture building again

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Posted: 1st Aug 2015 05:53 Edited at: 1st Aug 2015 05:58
Currently building an awkwardly curved dresser for a soon to be 3yr old and decided since all the tools are out, why not build that nightstand I always needed. (to put my laptop on ya know) Well, I came across these knobs on etsy and immediately knew I must make a steampunk nightstand. I ordered two of them already.

Here's kind of the model I already had prior to deciding on steampunk. So with that theme in mind, I'm open to ideas and concepts for a nightstand. I'd like to stick to roughly the dimensions I already laid out, but I'm open to all sorts of designs if anyone feels like helping me come up with something. It must have at least a small drawer, so I can use that awesome knob!

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