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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Some basic questions about AGK2

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Joined: 26th Oct 2002
Location: Rama spaceship
Posted: 20th Aug 2015 13:40
Hi all,
I just have some basic question to decide if I need to buy AppGameKit 2!

1) Can I code a multiplayer game hosted in a url page?

2) Can I code a multiplayer game hosted directly on an Android smarthpone?

3) Can I code a multiplayer game where player1 (using an Android smarthpone) can watch the camera images from player2 (player 2 using another Android phone) and viceversa?

4) If the answer is yes, so, can player1 see the player2 camera images with a decent speed?
In other words, can I supose AGK2 can handle a multiplayer game showing camera images from 2 Android phones with a 25fps speed?

For now it's all and thank you in advance
Van B
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Joined: 8th Oct 2002
Location: Sunnyvale
Posted: 20th Aug 2015 15:30
Well what might interest you is a new user demo for AGK2 - it uses a PC and an Android device to give a VR experience using that Google cardboard headset thing - so you'd have your Android phone over your eyes as a VR headset, and play the game on the PC.

Not strictly what your looking for, but it does mean that sharing the screen render from the PC to the Android phone must be reasonably quick. The PC acts as a host and sends multiplayer style data back and forth between PC and Android... I think hosting a multiplayer game on an Android device should work - but the problem is probably an Android devices upload speed, it won't be as fast as a PC, so using a PC server is the norm. I guess it depends on the game, I mean how vital is the other players camera render and upload speed... would it be possible to use raw data and just render it locally instead, which would be far more efficient.

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Joined: 26th Oct 2002
Location: Rama spaceship
Posted: 20th Aug 2015 18:35 Edited at: 20th Aug 2015 18:40
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Joined: 26th Oct 2002
Location: Rama spaceship
Posted: 20th Aug 2015 18:39
Hi Van B and thank you for answer.
My project is a bit complex, maybe closest to robotics than videogames coding.

I try to explain using my poor english :
I have 2 Android smartphones (phone1 and phone2).

1) I have phone1 in my home

2) I put my phone2 in my country house.

3) I code (using AGK) a \"game\". This game allows 2 players can connect to the host (I would love if that host can be placed on Internet). This game show the screen divided in 4 parts. Each of these screen parts are filled with white color.

4) I connect phone1 to the internet host as guest (player1)

5) I connect phone2 to the internet host as second guest (player2)

6) So both phones show the game screen divided in 4 white parts.

7) I will use some Arduino color detect sensors to my phone2.
These sensors are mounted for detect the colours of each of 4 screen areas.

8) Again, these sensors are linked to an Arduino board; At this point I link some servo motors to the Arduino board too.

9) From my home, using phone1 I choose to change the first white area in red color.

10) Both phones are connected to the \"game\" so my phone2 (in my country house) show the red color in the first screen area (as I order from phone1)

11) My Arduino board is programmed to turn on lights depending on the color seen on the screen of the phone2 then the red color is known as TURN ON LIGHT 1 so a servo motor act to make this action.

Ok I hope you understand my basic english;
This is just a \"curiosity\" project, just for fun, just for try; I know all the problematics and issues about this experiments.

It\'s possible to use AppGameKit for my purposes?

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