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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / multi-player (lan) and sprite physics

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Joined: 25th Jan 2010
Posted: 21st Aug 2015 03:47
Hi, I have wrote code learning from Hands On AppGameKit Basic which I had purchased a while ago, all the players sprites get their physics turn on, all the level loaded also! I send the x&y coordinates of each back and forth between host and client of course, but I notice the physics don't seem to work as the player can struggle and get through the sprites physics! what do I need to add to stop this?
here is a screen shot of it happening:

the player starts off on the other side of the crate and has just managed to bust through so to speak, the game running is acting as a host, physics debug is on of course to see things!


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Posted: 23rd Aug 2015 09:54
If he has burst through, then it is possible that the movement was too large to detect. You will need to set the player to have continuous collison detection (CCD), which is what is normally used for bullets. I don't recall the exact command at the moment.

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