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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / <-signs and similar

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Joined: 10th Aug 2015
Location: Norway
Posted: 22nd Aug 2015 02:09
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong her?
I get "main.agc:72: error: Unexpected token "<" "
So am I not allowed to use the <-sign?

I appreciate all answers!

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Joined: 22nd Jan 2011
Location: Netherlands
Posted: 22nd Aug 2015 10:19 Edited at: 22nd Aug 2015 10:26
Hmm... both the equal sign and the lesser-than sign < are valid characters, normally.

I can't test it right now, but have you tried putting them next to each other and perhaps removing the brackets from 100? Then your code would become: "if X# is equal to or smaller than 100, do stuff". ( if X# <= 100 ... endif)
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Joined: 23rd Nov 2005
Location: not entirely sure
Posted: 25th Aug 2015 22:57
AGK doesn't like the space between = and < apart from that it seems that it doesn't matter what order they are put in.

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