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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Can't Activate Plugins - DBPro 1.077 New Install - Windows 8.1

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Joined: 19th Mar 2003
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Posted: 16th Nov 2015 22:44 Edited at: 17th Nov 2015 04:38
'Product Unknown' error message in Activation program during plugin installation
***Always running plugin installations as Admin
I Copy and Paste my Activation Key after the during the Installation as requested

New Computer!
Core i7 - 4Ghz 32GB Ram
Windows 8.1
nVidia 970 Graphics Card with latest PhysX drivers installed
nVidia PhysX Demos run great
C Drive 256MB SSD
E Drive 1TB HDD
DBPro 1.077 (New Installation)
E:\The Game Creators\DarkBASIC Professional\

Things I've tried...
Install DarkPhysics Plugin...Tried to Activate at end of Installation
Normal Windows 8.1 running...'Product Unknown' error message
BitDefender - running - 'Product Unknown' error message
BitDefender - Off - 'Product Unknown' error message
Firewall Off - 'Product Unknown' error message
Booting into Safe Mode - 'Product Unknown' error message

I load the Particles PhysX Demo code, try to compile it
Licensed Plugin is not recognized by the compiler
Could not understand command at line 72
phy update 1
Which is a DarkPhysics command

I have used DarkPhysics many many times on my old Windows 7 computer,
I just can't get it activated on this new Windows 8.1 machine.

Same thing when trying to install Box2D_130711 plugin
Same thing when trying to install DarkAI_v105 plugin

'Product Unknown' error message
Any help is much appreciated
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Joined: 15th Jun 2008
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Posted: 19th Nov 2015 03:42
I had the same problem with many of my plugins. When I tried using 1.77 in windows 8.1. Then I went back to 1.0761 then all work ok. I don't know what 1.077 has compared to 761 but all my plugins work.

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Posted: 19th Nov 2015 06:58
Quote: "C Drive 256MB SSD"

How much did that cost? and where did you get it from! I want one!

Are you talking about Dark Physics or Dark Dynamix?

Install U 7.62

All the latest paid plugins only activate on U7.62

And you might want this editor... even though the activator is completely unrelated

Good Luck...
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Joined: 19th Mar 2003
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Posted: 20th Nov 2015 00:38
Thank You MrValentine and DennisW for your Replies!!!

Installing DBPro ver 7.62 did the trick!

All Plugins Activated fine after installing DBPro version 7.62


I waited a year to afford my cost $1829 from Amazon from CPU Solutions
Water Cooled! in an NZXT Quiet Case...VERY VERY Quiet!
Beautiful Black and Red Case

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