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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] War Balls [3D Multiplayer]

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Joined: 10th Nov 2008
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Posted: 19th Nov 2015 21:42 Edited at: 27th Nov 2017 15:16
Hi everyone,

I want to show you my long term project and what AGKv2 is capable of (lot of people saying that AppGameKit is only for 2D)

Long time ago in Dark Basic I started a Game Project called War Balls (not the best name... I know)
Since then i made 4 or 5 versions of it starting from scratch while learning new things and did it better and better for every new version.

It's a Multiplayer game with the map made out of cubes, and you playing a Ball.
You have some "skills" to send your enemies into the "Space of Death".
For now its only Deathmatch, but i can imagine something like Capture the flag or puzzle game.
You can Host a map or search for hosted maps and play with your friends over the Internet.

I want to use the 3D physics system and need to figure out how to move the Ball properly with it.

Right now you have 4 skills
•Destroying cubes
•Creating cubes
•Force field (it pulls you in)

For the world i don't use the inbuilt Cube because it does have to much vertices.
I'm using the memblock commands to create the single faces and save the sides with neighbor cubes.
I made a Lighting shader including Normal mapping, specular highlighting, self illumination mapping and disintegration.
On my Server i'm running a Database with 'Hosted games' for the clients to connect to.



So what do you think


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Posted: 20th Nov 2015 02:52
I really like it , its a game for the Tacticians cause you cant shoot .. you will always need to Trap your opponent maybe destroy a cube while he is chasing you and he will fall down...
and the name is really funny

WAR balls.
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Posted: 20th Nov 2015 08:36
Looking very nice.

Have you seen BB8 in the new Star Wars film? The "Head" is an additional sphere that reacts to the movement of the body. It gives really good visual feedback and looks fantastic. Maybe you could enhance your War Balls in a similar way.
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Joined: 10th Nov 2008
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Posted: 20th Nov 2015 17:45 Edited at: 27th Nov 2017 15:16

I like your Ideas and can really need more.

@BatVink: I have seen him in the Trailer and it's a pretty nice idea.
Don't know if Tron trails and Star Wars drones fitting together somehow

Anyway i'm not a good modeler neither a good painter.
But I want to achieve a good quality with it... so ill better don't use something self painted.
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Joined: 1st Jan 2014
Posted: 20th Nov 2015 20:01
Yep, looking good!
Using Tier 1 AppGameKit V2
Started coding with AMOS (Thanks Francois Lionet)

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