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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Dream Temple - A mellow time passing game.

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Posted: 20th Nov 2015 20:13 Edited at: 17th Jul 2016 04:08

Yesterday evening I've completed a week long game project using AGK. This was my first time using AppGameKit for an actual project even though I've owned it for a while now.

This is a small random 3D platformer game based of a distant dream I had years ago and I thought it would be a great source of inspiration for this game. I gotta say, working with shaders is quite tricky but I achieved the desired effect. This is a lightweight challenge game with somewhat of a decent replayability.

This was originally a small project but heck, if people like it, I'll expand on the concept. You can get it for free here (~10mb)

I remember playing around with Dark Basic way back and AppGameKit was a pleasant reminder of that time. The coding was a bit iffy and the punctuation and format forgiveness triumphs that of game maker studio but what definetely caught my eye was the ease of 3D coding in this engine. I was quite surprised how quickly and easily you can code a game with the tier one 3D commands offered by AGK.
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Posted: 22nd Nov 2015 13:38
Awesome WORK.
some ideas:

random map generator - for each time you open the app.
but once the app is opened more then once it will ask you to select the last played map or new map .
the idea of playing an old map is if you want to challenge a friend pherhaps you should save the maps that you "WON" for challenging them later on...

but theres a big problem , how can you be sure that the map's highest point is the reachable ?

the easiest way I see doing that is :
build a simple math algo , that states that there has to be at least one that is close enough from "running to tip and jumping to the next" - the distance and the Jump Max Height from that point divided by the gravity forces that always pull you..

so for one weeks work this is pretty amazing especially for a newbie in AGK.
but with a map Gen the game will be unstoppable and will probably stay on my phone for years.. (new map.. everytime... why not ? )

and what about scenery ?
since you mentioned they are orbiting
Huge planets ? Suns ?
Gameplay Gravity influenced by large objects that are flying by ?

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Posted: 29th Nov 2015 19:27
I've just had a go of this and it looks really good but I'm finding it far to difficult to jump between the various objects. I always seem to fall short.
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