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Black Lotus
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Joined: 14th Sep 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 15th Sep 2002 00:13
I want to load Half-Life BSP maps, but I have some questions... Can you use a std Half-Life map editor like Hammer (aka WorldCraft)? Also does the DarkBasic map loading command correctly grab textures from a WAD file (assuming the WAD file is either in the current directory or in a PAK file)? If anyone has an example programs that demonstrates this, please let me know. Thx
The Wendigo
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Joined: 13th Sep 2002
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Posted: 15th Sep 2002 02:27
I haven't actually tried making my own BSP in WorldCraft yet, but I have successfully loaded some Counter-Strike maps which I think were made in WorldCraft. In order to load the textures in the map the best thing to do is put the WADs in the same folder as the BSP file. then you would load the map and all WADs seperated by spaces:

The beauty of it is that loading a BSP, though sounding complex, is pretty much completely handeled by DBP. All you have to do is write the above line.

Some Notes:
-BSPs load kind of small so you'll want your camera moving
at about 0.2 increments
-Damageable or scripted objects (such as doors) do not
-Currently, BSP lightmaps don't seem to get loaded

If anyone knows how to get the light maps in or if it just wasn't included in this realese, please respond to this thread.

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Joined: 29th Aug 2002
Location: Canada
Posted: 15th Sep 2002 04:32
CS is based on Halflife, and Halflife lightmaps do not work correctly. But in the patch they released yesterday, (or whenever) it is reported to be fixed.

Yes you can use a standard editor and standard compilers, but be aware that you can't use them for commercial projects, or you'll get your pants sued off!

WAD files should be in the same directory, and DBP will pick out the necissary textures.

PAK files do not work, you must extract the WAD file

Scripted objects do not work because of the shear difficulty it would create to implement scripting in DB for the DB team, and possibly licensing issues. (I know why scripts don't work, I am just not in the mood to explain it fully.)

Alex Wanuch
aka rapscaLLion
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