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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Smart Worm a small arcade game.

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Joined: 28th Jan 2016
Posted: 7th Feb 2016 09:57 Edited at: 7th Feb 2016 15:40
A simple 2D arcade. I spent two weeks for developing.
I decided it is completely painful to develop game using C++. I rule out ability to develop it using basic and AppGameKit player, because I like control everything .

What I've done: I bought both versions of AGK. This game was created by AGK2. I used Tier2, but I replaced logic layer by simply script language: squirrel . It was a beautiful challenge to merge AppGameKit with something.

Which problems I had. I think android example is absolutely raw. There were numerous problems with it. IAPs don't working at all, maybe I used incorrect examples, but as a result I've always gained a freezing application. I've replaced IAP logic by myself.
Furthermore, I don't understand, why AppGameKit provides only one type of ADS. I want to have small ads and interstial. I made self implementation for interstial, as well as small ads carry out by AGK. In addition, I implemented callback to tier2 from java, because I don't like pulling.

Result highlights below

Google Play:

All feedback is appreciated.
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Joined: 1st Jan 2014
Posted: 7th Feb 2016 15:06
Neat movement on the worm!

For your video link, just remove all the link info except the part after the "v=" and it'll work. I did exactly the same to start with!
Using Tier 1 AppGameKit V2
Started coding with AMOS (Thanks Francois Lionet)
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Posted: 7th Feb 2016 17:23
I can't see the original post, just DavidAGK's reply
V2 T1 (Mostly)
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Joined: 28th Jan 2016
Posted: 7th Feb 2016 17:29
I edited it and I think it in Approval now. Forum has very strange behaviour
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Posted: 7th Feb 2016 21:21
Great game, I can see myself playing it for some time

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