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Music & Sound FX / Music Composer, Producer & Guitarist - Available

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Joined: 13th Dec 2014
Location: Barcelona
Posted: 11th Mar 2016 19:23
Hello, I'm Ernest Soler, a Composer, Producer, and Session Guitarist from Barcelona, Spain.

Here's a little resume/introduction, for if you ever need someone of my profile for any job, or to collaborate in any project..

I have a home studio, so I can work remotely as a Composer, Producer or Session Guitarist.

I offer the highest level of attention, dedication and quality i can provide, so I'm only interested in paid jobs, thank you!

To know more, please check my website:

-14 years experience as a Musician and Guitarist, 8 as a Composer.

-Modern Music Conservatory for 4 years.

-Private Guitar, Theory and Harmony teacher for 7 years.

-As a Musician and Guitarist I have vast performing experience in diverse styles, including (but not limited to) Electric (Blues, Jazz/Fussion, Funk, Rock etc) as well as Acoustic styles (Classical, Flamenco, Latin, Gipsy Jazz/Manouche), or Folk music from around the world.

-As a Composer I have produced for recording Studios and Audiovisual Producers of all kind; working on projects for diverse media like Videogames, Cinema, TV, or Radio:
2016, Composition of Epic Orchestral track for the Trailer/Kickstarter Promo of "[B]Undertow[/B]", an upcoming Pirate-themed MMORPG

2015-16, Composition of Orchestral/Fantasy OST for "[B]GemRPG[/B]", an upcoming Android game by "[B]Crossworld Entertainment[/B]" (USA)

2015, Composition of Acoustic/World Music track for the promo of "[B]Quill[/B]", an upcoming MMORPG by "[B]Psy-Spec[/B]" (USA)

2015, Composition of Orchestral tracks for "[B]Witch Pop[/B]", a Puzzle Videogame by "[B]Grimworks[/B]" (Latvia)

2015, (since 2013) Extensive and continued [B]Session Guitarist[/B] work for "[B]SCORCCiO Records[/B]" (UK/Spain)

2014, Composition of Orchestral tracks for "[B]Dragon Rider[/B]", an Indie Arcade RPG Videogame (UK)

2014, Composition of Electro/Funk/Rock style tracks for "[B]Revolution Ace[/B]", an Arcade Videogame by "[B]Laser Guided Games[/B]" (Canada)

2013-14, Composition of Western style tracks for "[B]Death on Frontier[/B]", a J-RPG videogame by "[B]The Game Gallery[/B]" (USA)

2013, Composition of Orchestral Soundtrack and Sound FX, for two Promotional Videogames by "[B]Danone Actimel[/B]"

2013, Composition of Orchestral theme track for "[B]Kingdom Knights[/B]" (now Avalon Lords), a Videogame by "[B]Animus Interactive[/B]" (USA)

2013, Sound FX Designer for "[B]Baboos[/B]" an arcade Videogame by "[B]Sundew Games[/B]" (New Zealand)

2013, Composition of MIDI theme for a Java Racing videogame by "[B]Mobi2Fun[/B]" (Bangalore, India)

2013, Composition of Orchestral tracks for a Magic The Gathering documentary by "[B]Rock Island Productions[/B]" (UK)

2013, Session Guitarist jobs for "[B]Wobbly Music[/B]" (Lancashire, UK)

2013, Composition of Acoustic/Ethnic track with Arabic/Hindu elements for a Documentary by [B]SCOPL[/B]

2013, Co-Composition/adaptation and interpretation of folk (Africa, Cuba, Catalunya) for a Movie by "[B]Destruction Film Productions[/B]"

2012, Orchestral Composition for a submarine themed Videogame by "[B]Duermes y me Olvidas[/B]"

2012, Orchestral Composition for a Short-Movie produced by [B]SCOPL[/B]

2012, Composition of tracks for a Promotional Spot by the company [B]Numintec[/B]

2011, Composition of acoustic tracks for a Documentary about Liberia produced by the [B]U.N.[/B] (United Nations)

2010, Composition of various musical loops for an unreleased Indie RPG Videogame

2010, Flamenco (traditional) composition for the audiovisual producer "[B]Multiproducciones Digitales[/B]" (Mexico)

2009, Composition of Acoustic fingerpicking guitar piece for the project "[B]Archivo de la Experiencia[/B]" by the Spanish [B]Ministry of Culture[/B]

2008, Composition of cues for the TV program "[B]MPEG[/B]" for "[B]Comunicalia TV[/B]"

2007, Composition of instrumental theme track for "El Vespino Sideral", [B]Radio Contrabanda[/B] (Barcelona)

-Orchestral composition for Witch Pop:
Witch Pop Theme -

-Orchestral compositions for Dragon Rider:
Airship Battle -
Battle Theme -

-Orchestral compositions for the second Actimel Videogame:
ActimelTheme -
GeoBoss -

-The Orchestral Theme song for Animus Interactive:
KingdomKnights Theme -

-One of the Orchestral compositions for the Magic The Gathering Docuflick:
Babylon -

-Electro-Funk-Rock style compositions for the Arcade Videogame:
Revolution Ace -
Desert -

-Western style compositions for the J-RPG Videogame:
FarWest -
Aguadulce Town -
Iris's Lullaby -

-Acoustic composition for the survivalism Documentary:
Gajadanat -

I can compose in almost any style, I'm up for the challenge, so dont hesitate in consulting me; if the idea or project resonates with me, it will be a breeze!!

For any questions or proposals, please contact me at:, or by phone (+34)633 593 062 //

Thank you for your time; I look forward to hearing from you!!

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