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Joined: 17th Mar 2003
Location: Milton Keynes, UK
Posted: 7th Apr 2016 10:38
Today our latest app went live on the Google Play store...

Best QR is a handy app for scanning and creating QR codes with your Android.

It's easy to read a QR code with Best QR and it's intuitive user interface. Best QR can intelligently work out if it's read a website URL, an email address or just some text and provides you with a button with a relevant action.

It can also create a QR code just as easily, and saves it to you Android for you to share, send or use however you see fit.

You can download it for free from the Google Play Store...

The whole point of this app was to iron out any remaining creases in my Scripted UI code. I am more than happy with the way it runs on all my test devices, but would love to hear any feed back from like minded programmers (as opposed to the slightly less technical feedback I get from Joe Public).

Thanks in advance

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