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AppGameKit Showcase / GameGuru Loader 4 AGK2.

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Joined: 10th Feb 2004
Location: Essex, UK
Posted: 13th Sep 2017 23:08
Simply amazing. Great work Preben (and SITD). Can't wait to have a play with this!
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Joined: 4th Jun 2016
Posted: 13th Sep 2017 23:48
Great work Preben! Have sent you an email

Only have a few cheap VR headsets to try but hopefully can provide some useful feedback

Video looks fantastic!
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Posted: 14th Sep 2017 07:40
i just tried the video with the daydream headset and FreeFly v2:

- crosshair does not have exactly the same place on each eye so ... as expected, has made sometimes the vision difficult to focus on environment, or crosshair, or environment, or crosshair, or env... (sick ! )... it should be exactly centered on each eye independantly of each eye camera angle
- eyes spacing (camera angle) could be higher for better depth rendering)
- and the last, for Daydream headset or FreeFly, the Distortion of each image is not well calibrated but you can't do anything for this actually (unresolvable without the real cardboard API and custom headset QR code calibration...Paul ? one day ? )... or you could create a distortion calibration screen with horizontal and vertical lines and ask the player to play with distortion parameters until it's ok for his own headset.

but VR in your GG Loader (that i purchased is a great addition !

GG Loader + VR + My online Multiplayer server = Maybe my next project of FPS
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Joined: 30th Jun 2004
Posted: 18th Sep 2017 11:01 Edited at: 18th Sep 2017 12:19
MikeMax: "My online Multiplayer server" , that would be so great

Made 3 different VR render modes, If anyone could test this and let me know what mode gives the best effect that would be great
Eye camera space and FOV can be adjusted real-time in all modes, so you can calibrate to your VR headset.

Mode 1:
Normal eye camera space render.

Mode 2:
Inverted eye camera space render.

Mode 3:
Use an off-center projection matrix.

Mode 4:
Paul made a off-center projection matrix that i call VR mode 4.

You can now also select to have the crosshair centered on the final render (thanks MikeMax).

Edit: Added VR mode 4 render , off-center matrix by Paul thanks.

best regards Preben Eriksen,
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Posted: 18th Sep 2017 13:31 Edited at: 18th Sep 2017 13:35
I Tested all pictures with my cardboard VR.
I liked the 3rd most because the cross hair looked like it was in front of my camera in 3D space, like I suggested in the other thread and not sticked somewhere on the skybox far away.
In mode 4 the cross hair was way too far away from each other I couldn't focus on one without loosing the other...hope you know what I mean.
The second picture was the worst for me...I couldn't focus at the gun or the palm on the left side...

To really test it, we probably need a demo to look around.
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Joined: 4th Jun 2016
Posted: 20th Sep 2017 00:40
Mode 2 and Mode 4 seem to be the winner on my low-cost headsets. In Mode 4, the closest objects (vegetation) and hand gun are nicely 'in 3D space' where Mode 2 just shows the closest objects as 3D

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