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Raspberry Pi / First Impressions of AGK on the Raspberry Pi 2

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Joined: 15th Jan 2003
Location: Scotland
Posted: 24th Apr 2016 14:03
First Impressions of AppGameKit on the Raspberry Pi 2.

I first fired up the PI and since I did not want to format my SD, Which would wipe my MAME instillation and take ages to get it working the way I wanted again. I thought I would just update Raspian Wheezy.

2-3 hours later.

I Downloaded AppGameKit without problems but could not get it to work with Wheezy.

Then, I bit the bullet and installed Raspian Jessy.

1 hour later

Again downloading AppGameKit without problems.
Unpacked and moved the folder where I wanted.
Added it to the top menu
Set the File paths

It ran quickly with the familiar Interface.

I tried my own programs from the user demo`s. Baws ran like a dream and GPS Compass ran as expected (the PI has no sensors so not much to do there).

I tried the Terrain demo and got a “ ran out of graphics memory error. “
I tried the 3D basic physics demo and it ran great.

I cant wait to try the GPIO Commands

Way to go TGC. FAB work. I might just buy a Raspberry PI 3 now.

Now I just need to get MAME sorted again and I will be happy.
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Joined: 2nd Aug 2006
Location: London, England, U.K.
Posted: 25th Apr 2016 13:10
Hi Jammy,

Just up the GPU ram and reboot. Terrain runs fine.

Yet to try this on a Pi 3, but there is quite a boost in speed from a 2 to a 3. I am stuck in Python at the moment because I need the camera, but I am looking forward to really seeing what AppGameKit Pi can do.

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Joined: 4th Apr 2003
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Posted: 25th Apr 2016 14:38
As ESP says, I have set my GPU memory to 256MB (on a Pi 3)
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Joined: 15th Jan 2003
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Posted: 25th Apr 2016 21:23
Will try that thanks.

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