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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Creating characters with MakeHuman for FPSC

Staurolite '86
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Joined: 3rd May 2016
Posted: 4th May 2016 00:52
Hi there.

I'm here to ask for a tutorial to successfully create and import models into FPSC made with MakeHuman.

I'm not a lazy dude, I've been trying this for days but nothing seems to work.

Here's what I do:

-Create my character with "MakeHuman 1.0.2" (With or without bone I get the same result)
-Export to "Wavefront OBJ format" ('cause MakeHuman doesn't have a .x exporter, that I know of)
-Convert the model with 3D "Object Converter 5.30", using the export mode "DirectX ASCII Mesh (*.x)"
-Edit the model with "Entity Maker v1.1", give it this weapon "Model pack 6\Ingram"
-Put under "Files\entitybank\user\Liliana"
-Fire up FPSC
-I realize the model is ridiculously small, then close FPSC
-Edit the liliana.fpe file and tweak the field "scale= " to "4500" to make my model look like a 10 years old girl, more or less. (I want it to look like a 10yo girl)
-Delete the .bin and .dbo files
-Start FPSC again and place my model
-Edit the model's properties, I realize the textures are all messed up; ignoring it and continue.
-Test my game and get a creepy entity with no texture and no animations

I'm also unable to open my model with "Limb Finder for FPSC Characters", when I click my model's name nothing happens.

I tried to use "Allegorithmic Substance Designer 4.4.1" but it won't run as it is for Win7.

My system specs:
OS= MS Windows XP 32-bit Service Pack 3
GPU= NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT 512MB PCI-E, driver version 340.52
RAM= 4GB DDR2 (2GB x2)
DirectX= 9.0c (June 2010)
.NET Framework= 3.5 and 4.0
Visual C++ Runtime= 2013 (vc_redist_x86.exe, I believe, I lost the exe)
My FPSC version: The one you posted in this site (FPSCreatorClassic-00V1121132404bc0.exe), then applied the update 1.19 and then 1.20.
My installed model packs: 75 03 06 30 44 58 42 70 28 19 63 25 21 71 45 61 (When I have the time I'll download them all)

The attached file is the same picture, just in case the img link is not working. The WWW is filled with this:
Quote: ""This image has been moved or deleted. Tinypic"."

I'd include the model itself but if it's useless for me then it's for you too.


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Posted: 5th May 2016 00:16
I did a video tutorial using fragmotion. give it a watch and see if it helps you at all.
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Joined: 11th May 2016
Playing: FPSC
Posted: 11th May 2016 22:33
Yes, Fragmotion is the easiest way to rig and texture MakeHuman models, and exports .x.
"I set fire to the rain..."

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