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Joined: 12th Mar 2015
Posted: 10th May 2016 11:31

For the occasion of week (it lasts until Friday the 13th) , I am giving away my game STOWizm for free !

STOWizm is a Tetris-like game whose gameplay is slightly different as the original game:
- the block are not falling
- each rotation is assigned to WASD (or any other key you might prefer)
- the blocks are "teleported" using the mouse
- you can fill inaccessible holes as long as a block can fill it
- a lot of game modes

The game was intended to be played FAST (thing of this game as a variant of Tetris Grand Master)

For more information go to

The game has been coded using Tier 1 (BASIC) AGK2 for the client side. And a servlet in java controls score and replays !

Happy stowing !



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Posted: 11th May 2016 01:36
Tetris copy write infringement.
The coffee is lovely dark and deep,and I have code to write before I sleep.

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