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FPS Creator X10 / Reverse Engineering

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Joined: 11th May 2016
Posted: 11th May 2016 15:05 Edited at: 12th May 2016 15:41
Hi guys,

so I started this thread a while back: but didn't save my login details, so had to make this new account.

Going off the "Our House" level I made back then, I still have the generated game folder with the exe and that all runs fine but I lost the final save files for the level.. I just have old versions I don't want to recreate it all but I might have to, so I thought I'd post here just in case a restore is possible. Is it at all possible to sort of reverse engineer the exe files (given that the source files are there except for the actual save) back into their .fpm files? At least I can preview in full how it used to be and rebuild according to that.

Here's the exported game, as you can see I did a lot of work on this and wanted to improve it a bit more to completion..

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Posted: 26th May 2016 18:17
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Posted: 13th Jun 2016 16:50
You can take your original level file located here "Our house\Files\levelbank" and rename to Level1.fpm and then copy it back into your mapbank installation, you can then load your level back in. You need to ensure all the assets the level used is also in the correct entitybank location. Good luck!
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Joined: 11th May 2016
Posted: 13th Jun 2016 19:49
Thanks very much! I had no idea the .fpm and .zip files were interchangeable! Still having problems though, because once the level is loaded in the editor all I see are a bunch of entities that are around the player's start position, and no segments or anything beyond like the porch, computer room, pool etc. Even the very early version I have to work with has more content than what I see here from the restored file. I think the restored file is even older than what I've got.. not sure if the attached picture helps but the example I show is that there's meant to be grass segments all around there.. Is there any way I can re-generate the file from the exe? I merged all the entitybank folder contents from the exported Our House folder into the normal entitybank folder. It's definitely an x10 level btw because I use the "water level" script etc. I think


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