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Raspberry Pi / Rotate Display Crash/Bug

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Posted: 22nd May 2016 18:12 Edited at: 9th Jun 2016 22:04

If I setup the display being rotated by 90° my App's crash in fullscreen mode.

I wrote in config.txt on my RPI2B:

and in my agk app:

if I run it via the Terminal I get this Error: Core.cpp:470: int main(int, char**): Assertion ´surfcae != ((EGLSurface)0)' failed.
if I don't use fullscreen it doesn't crash.

Can someone test it and confirm that it is a bug please?

[Edit]It works now... I think I just have some other resolution settings no bug here I think[/Edit]

Using AGKv2 Tier1

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