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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Been a while with the 2D editor, still working on it, here is the latest!

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Posted: 27th Jun 2016 10:50 Edited at: 27th Jun 2016 11:24
Hopefully I will be releasing this code, when I see it as being complete. I am trying to work on both a 2D and 3D editor, switching between both to code on when things get tough on one of them! Things got tough on the 3D one recently so I switched back to the 2D, decided to tie group numbers, the main system it uses, down to more dedicated roles. So for example group number 1 will always be for a player, 2 for an enemy,and so forth, making groups 4 and 5 used for turning a sprite left or right, which are what you see me place on the left and right of the platform. pressing g within the editor will cycle through available groups and the edit boxes get set to appropriate values, which can be overrode by simply putting another value into the box in question. Currently I am in the process of checking valid edit box entries depending of course on its role! Anyhow.. here is the video showing how simple it is to add a platform and a enemy into a loaded level:

Future plans include a built in animation editor, A.I options for enemies, finishing off the game type, which defaults to zero and assumes you wanna start a platformer level, a value of 1 would indicate a scrolling shooter, and so forth,as many as I can think of, with the idea of leaving just a few functions to copy/paste across from the editor for each new game project! It would only leave the front and back ends mostly to code for each game, but even that I could expand on and build it into the editor somehow!
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