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2D All the way! / Rabbit Spritesheet 2D animation in spine showcase

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Joined: 28th Jun 2016
Posted: 28th Jun 2016 11:23
Hey there! I'm new here >.< I wanted to showcase these bunny animations I made, they are in 2D but animated in Spine which gives it that little fake 3D lovely effect, what do you think?

If interested in getting them for your games, I leave the link to my website >.< also ar there other spine users in here? I'm curious to see how you find it and what animations have you done too >.<
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Joined: 28th Jun 2016
Posted: 29th Jun 2016 21:28
Oh what have I done!! D: My internet was really laggy and the site told me I didn't post the thread, so I rewrote the title and tried to post it - twice. Now I don't know how to delete the other two threads! :S I'm so sorry!!
Van B
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Joined: 8th Oct 2002
Location: Sunnyvale
Posted: 30th Jun 2016 14:07
Looks pretty good to me, maybe the middle 2 could use a little more animation in the arms - exaggerate them a little bit.

Don't worry about the duplicate threads, I'll delete them if someone hasn't already. Users can't delete threads, even their own ones.
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