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FPSC Classic Scripts / Waypoint Problem X10

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Joined: 4th Jul 2016
Location: Indonesia
Posted: 16th Jul 2016 12:52
Whether on FPSC X10 can not use a waypoint? Because I have always tried to use a waypoint on entities with neutral, no action, no action, no action. Then I click on create new waypoints. then I see a yellow star. Then I point to the entity. Entities that I chose was a scientist. Then I hold shift, and then I left click on the mouse. Then there will be a new star. My last point on the other track. Then I test the game.

And as a result, entities remain silent in place. Is the way I use is wrong? If there is a script please reply to my message and how to use the script? And that struck me as odd, after I came out of the test game, waypoints my form to be red. Why did it happen? And once I use the free version of FPSC can use waypoint smoothly.

Sorry if I am wrong. Thank you
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Joined: 29th Jan 2016
Location: France
Posted: 17th Jul 2016 09:00 Edited at: 17th Jul 2016 09:11
Hello, if you want a dynamic entity to follow waypoints, you have to set the script "follow.fpi" or "Pace.fpi" as its main behaviour (in the "AI Scripts" section of its settings).

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Joined: 4th Jul 2016
Location: Indonesia
Posted: 20th Jul 2016 15:38
OK I will try it. thank you for your answer

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