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iOS and MacOS / Known iOS bug reports that causes crash?

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Joined: 20th May 2016
Posted: 18th Jul 2016 03:39 Edited at: 18th Jul 2016 03:43
I currently have an app that works (relatively) well with android with few bugs here and there but overall it's playable. However, when I try to use an iPhone, the background turns completely black and some of the sprites don't appear. And whenver I try to move my player, the app immediately crashes. I don't know why there are drastic different in bugs compared android vs iphone. Therefore, I wanted to ask you some specific bugs found in iOS but not in android. Here are some methods/functions I use that I think it may cause the crash/bug.

1. Lots of global variables. I know it's a bad habit but it's much easier for me to track things and it's a simple game so it shouldn't matter too much.
2. Setting default text with missing letters. (Only needed custom numbers)
3. Image UV Wrapping
3. Changing sprites when sprites don't exist (I don't use GetSpriteExists() if I don't have to)
4. Storing sprite IDs in an array before sprites are actually created.
5. Using multiple global variables inside a function (I forgot what they called but you create these global variables inside a function not outside of functions)
6. Not setting any formats like resolution or frames.
7. Using things like setfunction(sprite,getfunction(sprite)+4) in order to do things with sprites.
8. Abusing GetMilliseconds() and other time functions

These are some of the problems I have. Originally, I thought it was problem with the AppGameKit player itself so I exported as IPA using AdHoc but it still crashed. I need some serious help .
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Joined: 20th May 2016
Posted: 19th Jul 2016 03:00 Edited at: 20th Jul 2016 00:16
I just found out that SetImageWrapV or SetSpriteUV Offset doesn't work on iOS. Can anybody else confirm?

Edit: Figured it out. For SetImageWrapV, the image has to be in power of 2. Also, setting width to 0 in SetSpriteSize() will crash the ios immediately.

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