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Posted: 7th Aug 2016 18:04 Edited at: 7th Aug 2016 18:21
Share the zombie love and spread the infection.
Basic mobile gameplay for short, simple but addictive fun.
Multiple ways to play - choose to upgrade yourself and become the most deadly zombie ever seen or upgrade your newly created zombies and let them do all the work for you... or a mix of both.
Endless gameplay style with enemies that get harder as you progress (as long as you don't die, note the game does tend to get a bit slower around 200+zombies but it's still playable for me) - global highscores thanks to Phaelax's highscore system so i hope to see some more impressive scores soon
No ads so play for free and fun!

Screenshot attached.
Thanks for downloading, all comments and support welcome
(note the textures have been reduced a little as i was trying to fix an issue with the app not opening for a friend so i will re-update to a better background again soon)
life\'s one big game
spec= 2.6ghz, 1gb ram, 512mb gpu, directx 9.0c, dbpro and classic


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