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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] Snake: Bug Hunt

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Posted: 7th Aug 2016 18:12 Edited at: 7th Aug 2016 18:21
This game is very much inspired by the original snake but with a twist.
Play as a snake and eat the bugs but beware the bugs can bite back!
Collect upgrades to swing the odds... but which way?
chase the bugs to eat them but if they get behind you then they can attack back.
collect the birds to increase your movement and turning speed but also makes the bugs faster
collect the apple to increase your current health by 50 points but also adds a small boost to the damage you take

working and mostly finished but lacks a lot of polish for things like the HUD (and was very much a learning experience so it has a few minor issues i would change if i ever get time to go back to it)
it also needs an update to improve the textures and graphics in general but being honest it's unlikely to receive one in the near future as i'm currently working on another game.... but this is free and ad-free so if you get 5mins i hope you will check it out and maybe give me some comments/feedback
global highscores thanks to Phaelax.
life\'s one big game
spec= 2.6ghz, 1gb ram, 512mb gpu, directx 9.0c, dbpro and classic


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